Day 2 Results: In the high class field of the first Grand Prix this season, Nicol Ruprecht reached the 15th place, Natascha Wegscheider got 24th! Both competed in their first all-around competition this year (apparatus for this year: hoop, ball, clubs, ribbon).

Results of the all-around competition:

Routines on Youtube:

Nicol Ruprecht's routines: 

Day 1: Noelle Breuss did not get one of the highly coveted spots for the YOG. Read more:

Preview: February 28th - March 2nd

The first big competition in this year is about to start: the Grand Prix in Moscow, a benchmark in the RG-year. 42 Gymnasts from approximately 34 countries will participate, read more in the GP start list. There will be three different competitions in one weekend.

In addition to the Grand Prix tournament there will be the Gazprom competition whith 14 individual gymnasts and ten groups on the one hand, and the Youth Olympic Game (YOG) qualification on the other hand: 54 young athletes from Europe will fight for seven spots. 

Three Austrian gymnasts will participate in Moscow: Nicol Ruprecht and Natascha Wegscheider in the Grand Prix circuit and the young Noelle Breuss (born 1999) in the YOG qualifications - Good luck!

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