grandprixWorld's best Rhythmic Gymnasts compete in the Grand Prix Circuit.

The GP Circuit is the highest remunerated and most important meeting series of this Olympic sport beside the official events of the International Gymnastics Federations FIG and UEG.

Innsbruck, two times Olympic City and host of the 2012 Youth Olympic Games, already witnessed the GP 2010 and the GP final decisions of 2007, 2003 and 2002.

A prize money of € 18.000,- will be donated and additionally an international junior competition will take place.

The other stages for the 2014 Rhythmic Gymnastics Grand Prix Circuit are to be set in Moscow (RUS), Thiais (FRA), Holon (ISR), Brno (CZE) and Berlin (GER).

Each GP is held as an all-around qualification competition, followed by four apparatus finals with hoop, ball, clubs and ribbon.

The top twelve gymnasts per apparatus ranking list are allowed to compete. Additionally each country may nominate one gymnast - it's national champion. The host country can nominate four gymnasts.

At each Grand Prix meeting the top twelve gymnasts per apparatus (= four ranking lists) receive ranking points and prize money.

Additionally the top three gymnasts per apparatus, who participated in all ten tournaments, receive a "Winner's prize". This winner's prize is donated with EUR 14.000,- per apparatus and will be paid directly after the last GP meeting of the year.

For Innsbruck extra worth mentioning is the great Gala, which will be held on Sunday after the finals: Away from competition pressure the stars of RG will shine in adorable performances.


>>>>>   Schedule    <<<<<

Friday, 14th November

8am:  Public training 

12am: International Junior competition


Saturday, 15th November

2pm: Qualifications Grand Prix


Sunday, 16th November

3pm: Grand Prix Final

4:30pm: Gala