grandprixWorld's best Rhythmic Gymnasts compete in the Grand Prix Circuit.

The GP Circuit is the highest remunerated and most important meeting series of this Olympic sport beside the official events of the International Gymnastics Federations FIG and UEG.

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Bildschirmfoto 2014-11-10 um 17.56.38For the past ten years, the name Luchia Egermann has been a synonym for success in every respect. We talked with Austria’s Rhythmic Gymnastics national coach about the competition year 2014, new talents and the future.

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We can definitely call it a sensation: Austria, represented by a team from Austria’s Sports Association ASVÖ, finished fifth at the AEON Cup in Tokyo. The three gymnasts Nicol Ruprecht, Natascha Wegscheider and junior Anastasia Potemkina claimed the best result ever in the “Worldwide RG Club Championships”, as the inofficial Club Worlds are officially called.

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This year's World Championships in Izmir (TUR) were a great success for the Austrian national team: Nicol Ruprecht's 26th All-around-rank was a great achievement in comparison to her 41st rank last year. She almost reached the AA-finals and got 14th with the clubs. Natascha Wegscheider got 54th, with the 44th rank in ribbon being her best result.

Have a look at Barny Thierolf's photo gallery!

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The third Grand Prix this year took place in Holon (ISR). The Russian gymnasts Mamun, Kudryavtseva and Titova took over the podium.

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Nicol Ruprecht 11., Natascha Wegscheider 22.! Both Austrian participants did a great job at the GP qualification in Thiais. 

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Day 2 Results: In the high class field of the first Grand Prix this season, Nicol Ruprecht reached the 15th place, Natascha Wegscheider got 24th! Both competed in their first all-around competition this year (apparatus for this year: hoop, ball, clubs, ribbon).

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USI Halle Innsbruck

USI-Competition Hall Innsbruck

The 2014 Austrian RG Grand Prix can be reached easily. The competition hall is situated only a few steps away from the main entrance of Innsbruck Airport. So there are excellent flight, train or car connections.

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